What Teeth Whitening Can Do For You

Written by Dental Magazine. Posted in Cosmetic dental care, Dental cosmetic contouring, Root canal

Do you wish you had whiter teeth? Cosmetic dental care can seem like a vanity, but in reality, there are some very good reasons to look into getting teeth whitening for yourself. There are positive benefits to this type of dental care, and here are a few reasons you should consider what a cosmetic dentist might be able to do for you:

It Can Lead to Success

Recently, a three-part study entitled “The Impact of Whiter Teeth on Key First Impressions” showed that having whiter teeth had a significant impact on how people thought about you.

The Study

Participants in the study were interviewed by people who had never met them. Some interviewers were judging whether a participant should be hired for a job, others whether they should be promoted and given a raise, and others whether they would like to date the participant. Participants went through the study twice: once before and once after having teeth w