Oral Hygiene and Cosmetic Dentistry Five Facts to Make you Smile

Written by Dental Magazine. Posted in Crowns, Dentists, General dentistry

It’s a fact of life: a bright, healthy smile is a good way to meet people and open new doors for conversation, careers and camaraderie. In fact, a recent survey by the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) found that a healthy smile is socially important to 99.7% of all people questioned.

Yet many people are reluctant to visit the dentist (translate that to actually mean ‘petrified’). The thoughts of fillings, crowns and caps are all just too much for them!

Others will admit that they are less than vigilant about the upkeep of their oral health. But good dental habits are highly important to your overall health, and your local dentist would tell you just that.

Here are five quick facts about visiting the dentist and oral hygiene that might help you in maintaining your bright and healthy smile…or even consider making your current sm