Month: February 2014

Three Effective Ways to Improve Your Smile

Did you know that tooth enamel is the hardest surface in the body? However, tooth decay, which is primarily caused by a strain of bacteria called Streptococcus Mutans, can negatively affect the appearance of teeth. Tooth decay not only causes teeth to lose their aesthetic appeal, but it also sometimes leads to tooth loss, as […]

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Dental Picks The Untold Story

Bill Cosby said, “Dentists tell you not to clean your teeth with any sharp, metal objects. But when you go there, the first thing they grab is a metal hook…”Those hooks are actually called “dental picks”, and they’re one of the most common tools in the dentistry trade. But Mr. Cosby has a great point: […]

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What Can a Cosmetic Dentist Do For You?

Did you know that toothbrush bristles can harbor bacteria? Therefore, it is incredibly wise to rinse your brush in hot water after each use, and it is also wise to replace it if you have been sick, or every three months regardless. Good oral hygiene habits are the key to avoiding paying cosmetic dental costs, […]

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