Month: July 2018

Preventing Dry Socket Using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): What You Need to Know

The American Public Health Association reports that wisdom tooth removal costs approximately $3 billion annually in the United States. Wisdom teeth removal is a common type of oral surgery, so it’s understandable that there are various treatment methods associated with its common complications. This is particularly true when it comes to dry socket. According to […]

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Oral Hygiene and Cosmetic Dentistry Five Facts to Make you Smile

It’s a fact of life: a bright, healthy smile is a good way to meet people and open new doors for conversation, careers and camaraderie. In fact, a recent survey by the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) found that a healthy smile is socially important to 99.7% of all people questioned. Yet many people […]

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The History of Dental Bridges

A lot of people may not know exactly what a dental bridge is. It is a fixed dental restoration that is utilized to replace at least one missing tooth. What it does is join an artificial tooth to other teeth or dental implants that might have to be put in. There are different types of […]

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