3 Myths Surrounding the Cosmetic Root Canal Surgery


If you have a lot of dental pain, you may need to get a root canal to save a tooth that has become infected. When a tooth is badly infected, the tooth may have a lot of decay, and that often means that it needs a root canal from a dental clinic. If you worry about how much is it to get a root canal, you may already know that it’s an expensive procedure. So, how much is it to get a root canal? If you’re wondering how much to get a root canal, the answer is an average of about $1,000.

Now that you know how much will a root canal cost, you can start budgeting toward that amount. Once you get your root canal finished and you are healing up, the question you will have is how to get rid of root canal pain. Sometimes the dentist prescribes a pain medication for after the procedure and sometimes they simply tell you to take medications that are over the counter. It may also help to put an ice pack on the area to help with the swelling and the pain. Once it heals, you should have no more pain from it.

What have you heard about root canal therapy? Do you think what they are saying about root canal treatment is true? Well, depending on what you’ve heard, there are a lot of misconceptions revolving around this kind of cosmetic surgery. Patients who have undergone this form of surgery will attest to that. Generally, root canal treatment refers to a set of medical procedures involved in removing damaged tooth or parts of a decayed tooth and replacing it with artificial fillers. A tooth is comprised of an inner layer know as the pulp, which is often the affected part of the tooth.

Root canal therapy is a procedural treatment that involves four basic steps, which are x-ray, anaesthesia, pulpectomy and filling. Dentist recommends such endodontic treatment to maintain an excellent oral health. Though there are many people with various dental issues like gum disease, hypodontia, cavities, stained teeth among others, those who seek root canal treatment are very few. The many false stories they’ve probably heard about cosmetic treatment is what deter them from seeking help. As of that, these post is aimed to debunk some of the common myths and misconceptions surrounding root canal treatment.

Excellent oral health

Root Canal Procedure is Painful
People have this perception that root canal treatment is painful. That’s just a myth, at it remains to be so because this dental procedure is often painless. Thanks to modern science, patients seeking to have a root canal therapy can comfortably sit and watch as the entire procedure unfolds. The use of anaesthetics to relieve pain is what make root canal painless. In most cases, patients experience toothaches because of damaged tissues in the pulp. Root canal treatments eliminate this pain by removing the damaged tissues. It is estimated that 74% of American have some periodontal disease caused by infected gums or tooth. Therefore, most of these victims seek various dental treatments like the root canal therapy, dental implants, veneer, filling among others.

Root Canal Causes Illness
Far from being true, root canal reduces the chances of further oral infection. In fact, it saves you from possible dental associated illness such as cavities and even oral cancer. Since root canal therapy is safe and effective, patients have no reason to worry about further infection. This is one of the misconceptions that based its arguments on poorly research conducted decades ago before modern medicine.

No need for Root Canal When Your Teeth Will Be Removed Eventually
This is another common myth surrounding root canal treatment. Here, some patients assume that the only option to save a damaged tooth is through permanent extraction. Contrary to that, most successful root canal treatment result in the tooth being saved. At least that’s the whole idea of root canal therapy. What the dentist does is to clean and shape the inside of your tooth, then they remove the nerve tissue and the infected pulp, which often host the bacteria that causes the tooth to ache.

Now, with the myths out of the way. Before you go for a root canal session, it’s important that you consult a professional dentist who will explain this procedure before hand. Equip yourself with the facts and get to know what goes on during a root canal treatment. Don’t be afraid to restore your smile to its graceful state just because you’ve heard some things about root canal that aren’t promising. It’s a safe and efficient dental procedure for a sound dental health.


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