Have a Dental Dilemma? Here are 5 Reasons a Dental Implant Can Help You


Dental implants are becoming more and more popular when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, and they come recommended by many dentists. What exactly is a dental implant, one might ask? It can be explained as a procedure in which a small titanium post acts as your new root and attaches to a crown to form your replacement tooth.

Here are five reasons why dental implants should be used for your smile.

  1. High success rate
    The success rate of a dental implant procedure is based upon the dental health of the patient but typically has a 95% success rate.
  2. Natural look
    During dental implant surgery, the titanium post is inserted into your jaw bone, which after a few months will fuse together, giving the implant a natural feel. The implant is also customized to look exactly like your other teeth. The natural look that is provided from dental implants will show when you smile. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, in a survey with adults, 99.7% believed that a healthy smile is socially important.
  3. Durable
    While other dental options such as bridgework or dentures may need replacements at some point, implants are sturdy and when cared for properly can last for the rest of your life. They do not need extra caution when eating because you do not need to worry about them sliding out of place like some dentures or breaking off like a bridge.
  4. Easy maintenance
    Caring for your dental implants is relatively simple. All you need to do is care for them the same way you would care for your natural teeth, by flossing and brushing daily. There is no need for adhesives or soaking them overnight like one would need to do with removable dentures.
  5. They’re good for you
    Dental implants are good because they help to prevent the jaw bone from losing bone mass. The jawbone’s tissue regenerates over time just like all of your other bones. The implant stimulates the jawbone and tricks it into thinking that the root of a tooth is present, encouraging the tissue to regrow around the implant. Not only do the dental implants help with your jawbone but they can also help protect your healthy teeth. When putting in a dental bridge instead of an implant, can result in trimming of the surrounding teeth to ensure that the bridge itself will fit. The implants, on the other hand, do not involve the cutting of the teeth around it because they are able to stand on their own with only a crown or a bridge which may be positioned on the implant itself.

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