Orthodontic Options for Everyone


The video talks about adult braces and how they work. Many people want to know how long their treatment will be if they get braces as an adult. The truth is that the length of time for treatment can vary greatly from patient to patient.

The orthodontist in the video explains that treatment can be as short as three months or as long as three years.

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A treatment that’s likely to last only three months is something like a tooth shift that occurs years after an adult has his or her braces removed. A few months is plenty of time to get those few teeth back into position.

On the other hand, treatment for someone who has a complex issue could take much longer. An example is an extreme case of crowding that’s accompanied by other issues. That treatment could take a maximum amount of time because of the severity of the issue.

The first step in receiving orthodontic care is to visit a skilled orthodontist for a consultation. He or she will take pictures of the teeth and then develop a plan for the fastest and most effective treatment plan. The client will receive an accurate estimate of the length of time the correction will take.

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