The Dental Crown Procedure Explained by a Dentist


Most people wind up at some point in their lives when they need a dental crown, also called dental caps. It’s one of the most common procedures done by general dentists. Dental hygienist Whitney DiFoggio of the popular YouTube channel Teeth Talk Girl, explains what you can expect if you need a dental crown.

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Where your dental crowns are made depends on the preference of your dentist. Some dentists make them in their offices, while others send a mold of your tooth to a dental lab. The crown is made in the lab and mailed to your dentist. For many people, getting a crown requires two visits to the dentist.

Dentists use a tool called a shade guide to help find the right color your crown should be so that it matches the color of the rest of your teeth. It’s like a color bar, only it has little false teeth of different colors.

Your tooth is numbed with a local anesthetic, then any decay is removed. The tooth is whittled down, sometimes to a stub, to serve as a base for the crown. A dental impression is made for the permanent crown with a putty-like material. A temporary crown is put on. You then have to come back when the permanent crown arrives. If your dentist is able to make a crown right away, then computer-assisted technology is used to make your crown.

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