The Life of a Dentist


Many people wonder about the life of a dentist and how each day goes. The video talks about such matters from the perspective of a dentist who works at a small practice. The life of a dentist may be different for different practitioners.

The first thing the dentist does after walking into the office is put a lab coat on. The second thing he does is return patient and lab phone calls.

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The third thing he does is acknowledge the assistant and say hello to staff members. Everyone can get in the mode to work after the dentist takes that step.

After speaking to the staff members, the dentist checks all the orders to ensure that all items that need to be delivered are in excellent condition. For example, he will check partial dentures to ensure that the lab got the measurements correct so that the delivery goes smoothly.

The next step for the dentist is a trip to the front desk to speak to those staff members about the patients on the list to be seen. He will also talk about any accounts that need to be collected and any patients who should be reminded of their debt. The workday truly begins when the first patient steps inside the facility.


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