The New Era of Dental and Ortho Consulting


In this YouTube video, Eric Field, the Chief Operations Officer of New Patient Group (NPG), gives insight into dental and orthodontic consulting for doctors with their own practices.

NPG is a dental and ortho consulting group that helps doctor-owners run their practices as businesses. The firm has identified three pillars of success: digital marketing, training, and management accountability.

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Establishing these three pillars in your operations will increase the prosperity of your practice.

NPG offers comprehensive solutions. In digital marketing, it will help you develop your website and online brand. It also offers solutions in search engine optimization, YouTube video marketing, and SMM, so that consumers, can find you, like you, and do business with you.

Training focuses on customer service skills like phone training, new patient experience, and treatment presentation—all focused on winning new patients. The firm offers digital training modules that share hundreds of concepts that have been proven effective. There is also a VIP coaching program, which delivers personalized coaching through webinars and in-office visits.

NPG also gives you the tools to hold your team accountable for results. It will help you set up a QA program that includes employee mystery callers and mystery shoppers.

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