What Children can Expect at the Dentist


In this video you will learn exactly what your child can expect when you take him or her to the dentist. Your child may be scared to go to the dentist, even if it’s a dentist for kids, but by watching this video, the experience will become less of an unknown and therefore ease some, and hopefully all, of their fears. In fact, they may even come to realize that the dentist can be a pretty fun place for a kid with cool new people to meet.

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The video will go through the entire dental experience, from arriving at the clinic to leaving, with every step between included. It follows a young girl named Anisha as she visits a dentist for kids, serving as a personal guide and even narrating each of the steps. She talks about meeting the nurse and doctor and everything they did to prepare for the dental checkup. She also talks about what the cleaning feels like and especially focuses on how it doesn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable. The video also includes what it’s like for Anisha to get pictures of her teeth taken. At the end of the visit, Anisha gets a present from the dentist and has learned that going to the dentist is not scary. By having your child watch this video ahead of an appointment, they too will learn that it’s nothing to be afraid of.


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