What Dental Offices Need to Know About Fire Spinkler Design


If you’re a dentist or otherwise manage a dental office, fire sprinkler design might not be at the top of your mind. However, when it comes to protecting your patients, it’s important to take fire safety seriously. It’s not uncommon to hear that an office caught fire and sometimes people end up injured or even killed.

Designing a sprinkler system takes a fair bit of work and insights. It’s crucial to examine the entire space and to identify potential hazards, such as equipment, lighting, fuse boxes, and the like.

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Compared to say a factory or restaurant, the fire hazards present in your average dental office often aren’t so severe. That said, it’s crucial to never underestimate the risks.

It’s also important to identify the water source for the sprinkler system. Once the basics of the structure and the potential hazards are outlined, professionals can begin designing the actual system. They will have to determine where each sprinkler head will be placed to provide effective coverage.

Dentists and dental office managers will also want to pay close attention to how the fire system is operated. In the event of a fire, you may want to manually turn the system on, or conversely, you may need to shut it off. When it comes to fire sprinkler design, knowledge is safety.


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