Why Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?


If like almost all of us, you need to get your wisdom teeth removed, you shouldn’t worry. This is a common procedure that almost every adult goes through and it is not as bad as it sounds. Keep reading to learn why wisdom teeth are removed and how the removal is done.

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The reason wisdom teeth are removed is to prevent infection or gum disease. This procedure needs to be done by an oral surgeon.

To remove wisdom teeth, oral surgeons first numb the area with an anesthetic. Next, they open the gum above the tooth and cut the tooth into smaller pieces. This makes it easier to remove. Once the molar is removed, your oral surgeon will stitch your gums closed and you are done.

The reason we have wisdom teeth is because they helped our ancestors chew tough food like roots and raw meat but now they often don’t fit in our smaller jaws. When they don’t fit, the wisdom teeth get stuck under the gum and can cause an infection or push other teeth out of alignment.

To learn more about why and how wisdom teeth are removed, watch the video above!


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