Behind the Scenes of an Orthodontist’s Life


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an orthodontist for a day? In this video, an orthodontist walks you through a day in his life. He shows both the routine and variable parts of the day.

The orthodontist emphasizes the importance of his assistants. They do the majority of the routine work with the patients, and the orthodontist checks in at each station to talk with the patient and direct the assistant to make adjustments.

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Some of the patients who come in are new. The doctor consults with these patients and makes a plan for them. When patients are getting braces on for the first time, the orthodontist does all the work to position and apply the brackets.

The orthodontist is also highly involved when patients come in to get their braces removed. He cleans their teeth up and shows them how their new smile looks compared to when they first came in.

For consultations, the orthodontist and his assistants take several x-rays of the patient so they can then explain and illustrate their care plan to the patient. The doctor suggests treatments and lays out a process for the new patient. The patient may ask questions and choose alternatives.

From consulting to directing adjustments to applying and removing braces, an orthodontist’s day is full. He has a balance of different tasks and gets to know and talk with new patients every day.

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