What Is Orthodontic Care?


Are you curious about orthodontic care? Watch this video for an explanation. It includes different treatments and procedures under this term that focus primarily on your teeth, smile, and jawline. In addition to a beautifully aligned smile, you can expect oral health to form a significant part of it.

Alignment and Tailored Plans

The primary focus is aligning teeth and jaws to improve aesthetics and functionality. This involves correcting issues like misalignments, overcrowding, or gaps.

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Braces are commonly used in orthodontic treatment and apply gentle pressure to shift teeth over time. Other devices, such as aligners and retainers, may also be used. One main goal is early intervention. It’s often assumed that braces are only for teens, but early intervention can prevent dental issues later.

More Than Cosmetic

Achieving results takes time, and patience is required. While a beautiful smile is the outcome, it also focuses on oral health. It prevents issues like tooth decay and gum disease. However, you should be prepared for a few lifestyle adjustments. These changes include dietary changes and making oral hygiene a priority. In addition, this is a team effort between the patient and the orthodontist.

A beautiful smile is one of the many benefits of proper oral hygiene and orthodontic care. The ultimate goal is working diligently towards your goal of achieving a great smile.

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