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Marketing your dental practice can be done through many different channels. One of the lesser known strategies is to use dentist magazines to market your dental services.

By placing your dental magazines in your practice, or by making them available to patients, allows you to continue your messaging around services and products. First, as a strategic move, using a magazine to communicate with clients provides an added level of authority to your practice. When there are featured articles that relate to the service you provide, clients associate your practice with the same quality of service and care that they read about.

In addition to the “authority” you gain by using the dentist magazine, you will also allow other articles and ads to sell products for you. For example, the patient can read an article on a topic such as implants while waiting for their appointment. As they become more self educated about the process and results, they are open to further recommendations in the article. Once they talk with you about their own need for dental implants, you may find that they are practically sold on the process already. Again, you are positioning yourself and your services with congruent information in dentist magazines that you provide. Essentially, in this example, you have wrapped up a sales tool in a familiar format, a dentist magazine.

For new patients, you can provide dentist magazines as part of a new client package. This furthers the authority and potential to presell clients on new services, but it also gives them something that they can share with their friends. Think of this as a subtle way to influence referrals through your use of a dentist magazine. To further increase the communications with your clients, you can model newsletters or emails to your current clients on the dentist magazine model.

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