Dental Service 101


In this YouTube video, Aveea takes a look at the dentistry field. Various actions can be taken in the field of dentistry to care for a person’s oral health. Dentistry is the study of oral health and other diseases that can affect the craniosacral area. There are many different kinds of dentistry.

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General dentistry helps with twice a year dental exams, cavity filling, crowns, bridges, and root canals. General dentists see roughly 90% of all dental cases.

People who need more involved dental care see a specialist dentist. Specialist dentists are general dentists who focus on one primary dental need, such as orthodontics, cosmetic changes, or other major work.

Specialist dentists may also work in hospital settings. Many diseases have early warning signs that show up in the mouth, so these dentists are brought in to look for the presence or absence of specific disease indicators. Bloody and sore gums may indicate signs of diabetes. A stiff and painful jaw may be a precursor to a heart attack or other cardiovascular disease.

Both general and specialist dentists use a variety of tools for examination. Modern technology allows dentists to be more precise in their corrective work with less pain and recovery time for their patients.

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