What Is Bone Graft Surgery?


If you need bone graft surgery, it’s likely that you’ve either had a tooth removed or you’ve had some form of damage to your jaw. Bone grafts are most commonly performed in a dental setting because the jaw bone is so important and can deteriorate quickly in some circumstances. If you’re curious to learn more, then you’ve come to the right place.

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At its root, bone grafting is replacing a missing section of bone with either organic or synthetic bone matter. As we mentioned above, the most common field you’ll see this procedure performed in is dentistry. If someone loses a tooth or is born without a permanent tooth, it’s possible for the bone in the jaw to deteriorate very quickly. In order to preserve structure and function in the jaw, it’s important to undergo a bone graft surgery procedure.

The material used for bone grafting allows the existing bone to grow back around it and to grow stronger than it was before. This, in turn, can help patients maintain or improve jaw functionality if they’re missing teeth and are unable to get implants.


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