How to Organize a Successful and Free Outdoor Dental Clinic


Do you need to host an outdoor dental clinic? It’s a big event to host, and you might need help. The YouTube video “Free Dental Clinic a Huge Success at UCSF” offers viewers a glimpse into a successful event. Planning is the most critical aspect of the entire process. Draw up a checklist to ensure you cover every part of the planning phase and don’t miss anything.

You’ll Need Vendors

What is an event without vendors? You’ll need to ensure you have the right vendors at your event. Start by doing some goal-setting for your function.

Video Source

What is your overall aim with this event? What do you hope to achieve? Then, draw up a budget. Remember, your vendors are there to sell their dental products and dental services. You can charge them a fee for attending your function and cut your budget by distributing these finances to other areas of your event.

Have you made arrangements for facilities like restrooms? What if your outdoor dental venue doesn’t offer bathrooms? Or, there aren’t enough bathrooms for the expected attendees? There is a solution! A porta potty rental in Grand Junction will resolve your problem. Hire a service provider, give them the details of your event, and leave the rest up to the rental company.

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