Understanding Root Canals


Our teeth are a very sensitive areas. Throughout our lives, we go to the dentist to check up on and maintain the health of our teeth. Many people require different procedures to be done for their teeth to be fixed. Maybe you needed a filling, braces, or a root canal. In this article, we are going to look at root canals.

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A root canal is a procedure that is done to save your teeth from any disease or other issues that threaten them.

In every tooth pulp can be found under the enamel, and it contains the nerves. There are a few things that can harm the pulp of your tooth, with infection being a good example of one. In a root canal, the pulp is removed from your tooth.

An endodontist is the person that is responsible for the procedure. In the procedure, the endodontist will make a hole in the top of your tooth to get to the pulp. They will then clean out the infection using a liquid, and suck out the pulp using a tube. In the final parts of the procedure, the canal of your tooth where your pulp used to be is sealed, and the top of your tooth is filled.


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