When to Address Orthodontic Needs


This video discusses early orthodontic treatment and when a person should take a child to get help with an emerging issue. Orthodontists can start rather early by using a variety of corrective devices while the child’s jaw and mouth are still developing. Examples of devices that can help are items like special retainers. There are also some functional appliances the orthodontist can use to widen the child’s jaw or make the lower jaw longer.

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Headgear is also a possible remedy during early diagnosis.

Crowding is one of the most common problems in dentistry. Crowding usually develops when a child has a narrow arch. That narrow arch causes the teeth to get stuck and not erupt properly. A crossbite is another issue that an orthodontist might see in a small child. With a crossbite, the upper jaw is very small, and the lower jaw shifts when the child closes his or her mouth. An overbite manifests when the upper front teeth overlap the lower teeth a great deal. An underbite is a situation where the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth.

All of these conditions can cause unnecessary wear on a child’s mouth. A skilled orthodontist can intervene with some of the methods mentioned above.

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