Why Adults Get Braces (And How to Know If You Need Them)


many people in the United States experienced having orthodontics during their teen and pre-teen years. It is very common in this country to have braces even before entering high school. Despite that, many people entering adulthood needed orthodontic treatment. Maybe they did not get braces as a kid or maybe their teeth have shifted as they aged. Due to these reasons, and more, adult orthodontics is a need many have. But what if traditional metal braces are not needed, or wanted?

With an increasing number of Americans, 1.2 million in the last year alone, seeking adult orthodontics, the industry is booming.

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With needs changing, for example metal braces not necessarily contributing to a professional look, the adult orthodontic industry is finding ways to help an older clientele. One way they are doing this is through the use of Invisalign aligners. Invisalign is a nearly invisible teeth alignment method. Users can remove the trays before eating or other special occasions. That flexibility fits a professional lifestyle and has led to more adults seeking orthodontic treatment.


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