How Can the New Dental Technologies Improve Your Smile?


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Smiling comes naturally to us, but for many people, anxiety about the condition of their teeth can limit their social interaction. People with teeth that are discolored, chipped or missing undergo painful and embarrassing experiences in social situations. However, new cosmetic dentistry procedures like veneers, dental implants and teeth whitening techniques make it possible to smile without self consciousness. A family friendly dentist can advise you on the procedures best suited to your situation.
With the new dental technologies, you’re never too old for a chance to improve your smile and your overall appearance through dental implants, veneers and similar technology.

Is your smile your best asset?
Nearly all Americans believe that their smile is a social and career asset. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reports that 99.7% of all Americans believe that their smile is an important asset in social settings. An attractive smile is also seen as a career asset, and 75% of people surveyed felt that an unattractive smile could harm someone’s career chances and success.
Unfortunately, a number of factors can affect your smile. Teeth that are discolored, missing, chipped or oddly shaped can give people a complex about smiling, losing out on the opportunity for social interactions. However, your family friendly dentist can use new techniques and procedures to improve your smile and your social life. Possibly also your career, though there are of course other factors involved here, like hard work and the necessary skills.

New procedures and techniques like dental implants, tooth whitening, veneers and more can transform your smile and your life.
Veneers have a natural appearance
Veneers are overlays on your teeth that match their natural appearance. They protect your teeth and improve their appearance. This new technology has taken the world of cosmetic dentistry by storm. Over the course of the past five years, the use of veneers has increased by more than 250%.
Most family friendly dentists can also attach veneers, making it easy to have a brilliant smile. Veneers last for ten to fifteen years, before they need to be replaced. A specially popular kind of veneer are lumineers. They are translucent, and very thin. This allows them to adhere closely to the surface of your natural teeth and maintain the exact shape. They also reproduce the exact appearance of healthy, natural teeth.

Tooth whitening products that really work
New tooth whiting procedures really work and their popularity too has soared in recent years. The use of tooth whitening procedures has increased by more than 300% over the last five years.
Tooth whitening is a quick and painless way to restore the original sparkle of your teeth. Many tooth whitening products can be used at home. Between tooth whitening procedures carried out by a family friendly dentist and tooth whitening products, Americans spend about $1.4 billion.

Is cosmetic dentistry right for you?
Many people think that they might be too old for cosmetic dentistry procedures. They couldn’t be more wrong. Just over half or 51% of all cosmetic dentistry patients are actually between the ages of 41 and 60 years. Around two-thirds of cosmetic dentistry patients are female.
On average, the amount spent by each cosmetic dentistry patient is between $5000 and $6000.
on procedures to improve their smile. This includes procedures to improve teeth that might be discolored, chipped, misshapen or missing. Dentists use procedures like bleaching, bonding, crowns, veneers and reshaping and contouring to improve smiles.

With the new dental technologies available to family friendly dentists, you’re not too old to improve your smile and your appearance. You’ll gain confidence, smile more and feel more comfortable in your skin.

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