When Was the Last Time Your Child Visited the Dentist?

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We made it to back home at about 4:00 am and were able to get about an hour of sleep before you started the day of appointments. Starting the day with two orthodontist appointments, you then went in for a cast removal and the application of a new one. All of this was done by 11:30 am. In addition to thanking your friends and family for all of their prayers for safe travel, you are also feeling extra thankful for the people going above and beyond to see your children for their appointments today.
The childrens dental services alone would have normally taken months to get scheduled. After the pediatric dental care offices heard the story about your family’s recent car accident and hospital stay, they literally moved heaven and earth to get the appointment times that would work for you.
Pediatric Dental Clinics Offer a Number of Important Services
Childrens dentistry appointments are impor