The History of Dental Bridges

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Dental crowns and dental bridges are a type of prosthetic device that is used to fix broken teeth, to prevent our teeth from fracturing, replace missing teeth, and help keep remaining teeth functioning properly. Dental implants are more common than you might think, and 15 million people in the United States have crown or dental bridges for missing teeth. While that might seem like a lot, they are actually 30 million people in America who are missing all of their teeth in either one or both of their jaws! Before your next trip to the dentist, learned some really cool facts about dental crowns and dental bridges and how we humans first started trying to fix our teeth.

Ancient Dentistry

The first example we have of any sort of dental crown is from a skeleton found in the Philippines. The skeleton is 4,000 years old and shows caps and tooth replacements made from gold. Apparently, modifying teeth was a very popular habit among the ruling class that and having gold teeth was a sy