From Letterheads to Logos: Why Your Office Needs a Brand


Dental office mission statement

You’re a dentist. You know what it takes to keep a smile bright, white, and healthy. But do you know what it takes get customers through the door? Running a successful dental practice takes far more than just extensive dental knowledge. It takes web acumen, marketing savvy, and a relentless focus on your brand.

What’s your brand, you ask? Your brand is what identifies you and sets you apart from others in your field. It’s the one clear idea that drives your business, your marketing, and your client relationships. It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering and innovative—it just has to be thought-out and deliberate, so that no matter what aspect of your practice you address, from your dental office logos to the color of the art on your walls… everything can be guided by that one idea.

Effective dental office marketing these days starts with a strong and optimized website. Dental office websites need to be inviting, upfront, and professional. Gaudy pop-ups and flashing animation will not inspire confidence in your prospective patients, many of whom may already feel the stigma of fear long associated with dentistry. Let your brand determine the design and color scheme and tone, but above all else, be straightforward and trustworthy.

Another place your brand is easily visualized is in your printed materials. These can include dental office signs, letterheads, brochures, business cards, reminder cards, envelopes, and even your own stationery. Creating a unified front with all your marketing efforts can be a time-consuming and meticulous process that, when done properly, may not even register on the conscious mind of your clients. But the consistency of your branding message will shine through it all

You became a dentist to help people maintain healthy smiles, not to spend your time developing dental office logos and letterheads. But these kinds of things can further your practice so that you can help more people, and inspire the kind of confidence and trust you need to do the best job you can.

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