Staying on Top of Your Oral Health Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain


Sedation dentistry

Yes, everyone knows that we should be popping in to see the dentist every six to 12 months, sometimes more frequently for people like smokers or others at high risk for oral disease. No, most people do not enjoy making the trip to have their mouth pried open or enduring whatever tortures to their teeth or gums come after that. But it is important. And, it does not always have to be an unpleasant experience. In fact if you happen to be going in for a particularly painful session, you might just have a better time than you expected, if your sedation dentist has anything to do with it.

Letting the sedation dentist do what needs to be done
While not every visit to the dentist will require the medication or anesthesia that a sedation dentist would provide, on those occasions during which it is necessary or recommended, the time you spend in that chair will be much more bearable. For some people, the pain that can be encountered at the dentist’s office is a very real fear that could potentially get in the way of staying healthy, if the phobia is severe enough. That is why oral sedation dentistry is so very important. Whether it is a routine cleaning or a more invasive, in-depth procedure, the fact alone that there is a calming agent is extremely useful to many.

Keeping those smiles beaming

Oral health is one thing that most people consider to be very important in keeping up, and yet many people seem to have a hard time doing it. It has been estimated that only about 50.5% of Americans say that they floss on a daily basis (but let’s get serious, who hasn’t lied about their flossing habits?). Chances are the percentage is actually much smaller. And approximately 31.3% of adults older than 75 years old and living in the United States have no remaining natural teeth. Granted, they are bound to deteriorate over time as we age, but there is the 3.75% of adults in the U.S. in the age range of 20 years old to 64 who have no remaining teeth. Proper oral care and dental hygiene is a habit that can be difficult for some to commit to completely.

More carefree confidence with a better smile
In today’s society, it is hard not to care about looks. It is unfortunately engrained into our understanding of the world around us from a very young age. This is why everyone seems to share that terrifying nightmare about having all your teeth fall out, or breaking or losing a tooth before an important event. Our smiles are the first introductions to someone new. If we do not feel confident flashing our warmest, most welcoming, and genuine smiles, everything can get thrown off from there. So own that smile, and keep it healthy. Find your way to the dentist when you should, and know that you don’t need to fear the process or potential pain of maintaining your happiest smile.

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